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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vastu Shastra - More about North East Corner

Vastu Shastra is an ancient practice dating back to thousands of years and widely practiced in India.
It is difficult to find a matching word in English for Vastu Shastra. Vastu can be translated as "Space" and Shastra means "Science".

It is very near to Chinese Feng Shui in as far as purpose is concerned. It is a study of space inside our homes, offices, godowns etc.

I will not go in detail in description of Vastu shastra, but will share my observations of different Vastu fields which I have been observing since 1994.

The Most basic tenet of this science is that the space, whether house or office, should be either square or rectangle. There can be different shapes, e.g. triangle or circle. Both these shapes do not signify a balanced and harmonious mind, i.e. the occupants of the space which is triangle or circular will face immense difficulties in experiencing harmonious life.

There are other minor deviations from square or rectangle shapes. If a space has all the four corners intact, then it is said to be well.

Today I will speak of only NE corner damaged (North East Corner). If the space inside the home corresponding with North East side of the earth is absent in our house, refered as North East Cut, this is said to be a sick dwelling. In my observation of hundreds of such spaces, I have found a common symptom among the occupants of such dwellings.

Without exception, I have seen children of families living in such houses (North East Cut) as most affected. If the area of cut is more than One fourth of the total floor area, then at least one child of the family will be abnormal. If the size of the cut area is smaller than one fourth of the total area, then children will be living away from home for various reasons , either for earning, studies or some other reason.
Also, the elder members of the family will suffer from some or other chronic diseases, and the effect on the elder members will set in after several years after moving in such a house.

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