Abraham-Hicks Daily Quotes

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I have been reading kryon website (www.kryon.com) since the year 1995. A new post is added to this website every month. And in every post, the human entity bringing in this channeled information, Mr Lee Carroll speaks of earth changes taking place on the planet.
What is astonishing to the human mind, bombarded from all over with negative news, is the single message repeatede every month, that is hard to believe. The changes taking place are for the better, and that there is new energy arriving on earth that is going to alter the way we see life and the way we live life.
I will be sharing some more views of Kryon that resonate with me. Today, I am sharing here one topic as discussed in the Kryon channel that is very sweet for me, it is the concept of OLD SOUL.
Those of you who are old souls are connected to others who are old souls. Did you know that? The connection is esoteric and not physical. It's your esoteric family. Listen, there are many old souls in places that are not pristine, and that are not fresh at all. Think of those in the Middle East on either side of the situation. They sit upon land that is always ripe with trouble. They live on layer after layer of horror. As far down as they dig, they find other cities that were conquered and taken with great sorrow and death. What chance do they have when they go into a meditative state? How can they get to a place of even neutrality of consciousness? How can they begin to create a peaceful countenance that comes with a pristine energy? The answer? I'll tell you for the first time: The Field is harmonizing them together.

They can go into a meditative state and have an alliance with what is in your area because you are there holding it. They can feel the absolute beauty, freshness and virginity of the land. The connection with Gaia that is in these places can be used by them, and they're not even there! The reason is because those who are in those places are transmitting it to them without even knowing it. This is part of what the old soul does that is new and very esoteric. So if you live in one of these places anywhere on the planet, and are aware of these things, you are being what I call a lighthouse - a transmitter for what you have that they don't have but desperately need. This is important for you to know. In troubled places all over the planet, they are being helped because you live in one of these areas and are holding this energy for them".

If the reader feels drawn to this concept of Old Soul, here is the link to the original article :  http://www.kryon.com/CHAN2016/k_channel16_lanchorage.html

Saturday, December 3, 2016


I have enjoyed reading books, mostly in non-fiction category since the age of 15. There were times when I needed a book for reading before going to sleep, everyday. Because the thirst for more knowledge was insatiable, there was some deep sense of emptiness that I knew needed to be filled. And there was also a sense of knowing that any outer fulfillment is not going to satisfy the feeling of emptiness.
For many years, I kept searching for more books. At times I could find new books and at times there were none that could satisfy my hunger for reading.
But I came across some books and my search for more books stopped. I came across some books that just blew my mind apart. I had to read them again and again in order to make sense. The content of the books was so outrageous, so vast and so beyond human understanding that I liked them, even if I could not understand all the points, I felt like reading the book again and again.
Because the book - Communion with God by author Neale Donald Walsch was such a Masterpiece for me; it almost changed my entire view of life.Till date I have read this book at least 10 times and keep reading it little at a time, just to remind myself that Life as I knew before is Only an Illusion.
I will reproduce here a paragraph from the book in order for the reader to taste the truth contained in this book.
"Nothing makes Masters unhappy.
In the early days of your primitive culture, most humans were not in this place of mastery. Their only desire was too limited for them to understand that pain did not have to produce un-happiness, and so their life strategy was built around what later came to be described as The Pleasure Principle. They moved away from what deprived them of pleasure (or caused pain).
Thus, The First illusion, the idea that Need Exists, was born. It was what could be called the first mistake.
Need does not exist. It is a fiction. In reality, you need nothing to be happy. happiness is a state of mind."
Communion with God, Part 1, Chapter 1, Page 31.