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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There are only three problems

There Are Only Three Problems:
Everyone faces problems. Most of us wrestle with them on a daily, or sometimes, hourly basis. It's been my experience that the only three problems we have to deal with are the problems of money, health and relationships. Name any problem that faces you and it will fit under one or more of the above categories.
You can solve most of your problems using the abilities you already have. The inspirational articles, motivational tips, heartwarming quotes and poems and inspiring suggestions you find here provide practical methods to solve many of your most troublesome problems.
Bestselling author and inspirational speaker John Harricharan, is an MBA business executive as well as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and the award-winning author of the inspirational bestsellers, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat and Morning Has Been All Night Coming.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Releasing Emotions by Aine Belton

Releasing Your Emotions - A Process
• Identify the feeling or emotion you wish to release and become familiar with it. Name it. Experience it. Do you feel it somewhere in your body? If it had a colour or shape, a sound or picture, for example, what would that be? Don’t think about it too much, just try to hone in on it as best you can so you can experience it more fully and get in touch with the feeling.

• Own that you are the source of this feeling. That whatever this feeling is, it is yours, whatever the outside circumstance that has triggered this feeling maybe, or whatever you feel or believe has caused it. Let go of the story around this feeling and just experience the emotion as it exists within you.

• Accept this feeling without judgment and allow it to be there. Welcome it.

• Really feel the emotion. Dive into it. Let it consume you even. Sink into the feeling further and further. Have you felt this feeling before? Does it trigger thoughts or memories? Can you remember an earlier time in your life when you felt this same feeling? What was that? What was happening at the time? Allow yourself to travel back to the earliest time you can remember feeling this feeling and immerse yourself in the emotion. This is what I call 'sourcing' the emotion.

• If you find it difficult or distracting going back to any previous time, just stay with the emotion as it is and increase its intensity until you are totally immersed in the feeling. This may be an unpleasant, painful or uncomfortable experience depending on the emotion you are sourcing, or you may find the emotion changes and another one becomes present, perhaps one underneath this feeling.

• The feeling may begin to change or dissipate as it is released. Keep feeling your emotions as fully as possible whatever occurs. You may experience layers of emotions. These may become darker or lighter, yet will inevitably lead to an experience of relief and freedom through their release. Ride the waves and just let your emotions be felt, whatever they are.

• It may help to breathe deeply to release the emotions at times. You may shed tears, feel like shouting or clench your muscles. If you wish you can journal and write down your feelings if this helps at any point, but don’t get into yor head and stay in your feelings.

• As a guide, I recommend 20 minutes for feeling any given feeling in an intense magnified way as described. Any more of a specific feeling can possibly lead to wallowing or mean you are caught up in the drama or surrounding story to the feeling, rather than the emotion itself. Emotions will start to shift, move, release and change when you allow them to move through you and be fully felt.

• During this process, notice if any particular thoughts or possible beliefs come to mind alongside your feelings. Or after the process you might like to reflect, and ask yourself the question, “What must I believe to be feeling this feeling?” Also, ask to receive insight, information and learning around this emotion, such as what role it plays in your life, how it may serve or disserve you, it’s light and dark sides, and so forth. See what insights surface/are revealed and note any down.
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