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Monday, May 2, 2011

FEELINGS ....to Express or Suppress ?

There are two types of people when talking of feelings, the first type of people are those who are perfectly aligned and tuned to their feelings.These type of people ride on the waves of emotions, they are of easy go lucky type, they enjoy the good parts of life and suffer when things go bad. These people flow with the feelings, they experience ALL the emotions and they do not resist any feelings, be the feelings of joy or of pain. They live both feelings, positive and negative, with equal ease.

Whereas the second type of people are disconnected from their emotional, female side. They are prone to using the left side of the brain, the logical, rational side in most of the situations. And they have a habit of controlling, resisting or suppressing their feelings. 

If too much analysis,negative thought patterns and blocking the feelings becomes a habit,then emotional blockages in the subconscious will be formed.

I have been watching both the types of people keenly, since years now.Both types of people will have some good things and some bad things happening in their life as a result of this particular trait. 

While it is not my purpose to label good or bad any one type of people, but if you belong to the second category of people, then there may be a need to watch this phenomena keenly and understand the process of How negative emotions form. And with time, this trait may become so ingrained in our psyche that layers upon layers of negative emotions will go on being formed and it will take lot of hard work to release and clear the emotional blockages. 

There are many ways that people will suppress their feelings , like by diverting the attention to some other subject, which is usually something about future.Or by trying to fix the problem by thinking about the solution.

What I have found after observation that suppression of feelings in some cases is a way of life and in such cases the person so indulging in suppression of emotions may create dummy feelings of ALL IS WELL.We create dummy feelings of wellness when We try to put up a false persona , a false facet full of smiles while on the inner level, there may not be a matching feeling supporting the statement " I AM ALRIGHT" or "EVERYTHING IS OKAY". Therefore it is much better to be truthful to oneself , because our inner  mind cannot be cheated.

And when feelings are suppressed, stored, and not lived, they go on gaining weight, they impact the nerves, and our energy goes on being wasted in suppressing them. One becomes numb or blind to the feelings, this is how many diseases such as joint pains,gangrine and many other diesases are formed in our body.And this creates a vicious circle and We go on attracting similar situations of ' I AM NOT WELL" ,repeatedly, life after life.

And when feelings are held in subconscious, they have more power over you and they cannot be disciplined, they will continously go on emitting the signals of disharmony all 24/7. Then people take to addictions of  smoking or alcohol to keep the feelings suppressed.
In the words of Cynthia Rose, the co-ordinator of a yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SpiritusAngelMessages/
"Feelings are like water. They should be allowed to flow, with an attitude of thanks to the feelings, allow them to surface, feel the pain, the heaviness or whatever sensation the feeling may have. This is the only way to release the feelings".

Feelings are not negative. All feelings, be it anger, anxiety, distress or others , are perfect tools designed to give experience of How we will feel if the thought held in the mind at the moment becomes our experience.

Feelings only become negative if they are suppressed and stored. As very clearly illustrated by Cynthia Rose in her group quoted above (I owe my awareness of this subject to her), in her numerous Moon Angel Messages (which I keep receiving in my mail box since more than six years now) : FEELINGS ARE MAGNETIC.

Whatever feelings are held in the subconscious, what we normally refer to as emotional blockages or negative feelings, go on attracting similar feelings and similar energy, similar situations, similar persons.Remember that feelings have tremendous power, more power than our conscious thoughts.

In her words, even incurable diseases can be cured by letting the stored feelings to surface. Welcome them, thank them, speak to them , and ask them to come up .Be grateful to the feelings , any type of feelings, and they will come up to be released, it is so simple.

Conscious acceptance of all of our moods, feeling states and being grateful to our negative feelings and letting the feelings flow by being with them is a good beginning in healing and becoming whole.

And if negative feelings will not go away even after such efforts, then there may be need for more hard work and there are indeed many methods available for releasing and cleaning the blockages. Some of them I will discuss in my future posts.

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