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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Watching the Mind

We are always in a dialogue with someone, inside our mind.
This dialogue happens throughout our life, right from childhood to the last day, all day and night, even during the sleep. This is generally referred to as "Self Talk" and if you pay attention to the Self Talk, it is not a monologue, but it is a dialogue taking place. We are talking to the Mind and the Mind talks to us. For the sake of exact wordings, calling it Self Talk is not appropriate. A better word would be communication with Self.

Ever wondered, whom we are communicating with? 
Who is He, who goes on listening to me and talking to me incessantly, without ever getting tired, bored or angry with me? It is Universal Mind. This is the nearest word I have found, although in a real sense, there is no right word for this entity. We may call it God, Force, Existence or by any other name.

In fact, there is much more than communication going on or going in- inside the head. Our Life happens here, is born here. Everything that happens in our life, takes form here first and is made manifest later. Be it good things or bad things, be it our dreams coming true or worst of the nightmares becoming real.

And the Universal Mind does not impose any conditions to what We talk. It listens to what We talk or think and the thought is made manifest. In other words, this is our manifestation machine.

I have been keenly observing myself and others to explore the intricacies of this communication, the communication with Universal Mind, since more than two years now.What I have observed is simply amazing. There are layers upon layers to the Universal Mind. Some parts of the UM are mine, like memories, experiences etc and another part of UM is like impersonal God, or a force, which is always there with me.

The most amazing thing that has come to my knowledge is that I have full control over the Self Talk. Only that experiencing the control over UM happens once in a while, whereas at other times, it goes on and on and on. Many times I wish to put a stop to it so that I can go to sleep.