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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is earth going to die in the year 2012?

For many years now I have listened to people telling other people that Earth is going to die in year 2012 and many similar doomsday stories and have appeared in scores of TV programmes about year 2012;
I came across an article which seems most logical and appealing to me and this writer , Lee Carol , is creator of the website
www.kryon.com which I have been reading since last 12 years and all the information in this website has given me tools of healing and harmony. I can vouch for the fact that his material is truly uplifting.

I am reproducing portions of the latest article below, if you want to read the article in full, then pls click :

Excerpts from the lastest article :

We speak of many subjects. But before we do, I am aware of the listener; I am aware of the reader; I am aware of the one in the chair right now. Aren't you glad you came? Can you feel the energy that pushes in this room to you and prepares you for a message that is beautiful, that congratulates you for one of the hardest things you ever did? For almost everyone in here is over 11. [Laughter] You had a choice. At the Wind of Birth [Kryon's name for when we are about to come into the planet], we looked at you and said, "The Armageddon looms. Take a look." There was nothing when you came into this planet that gave you any hope that you would sit in a chair in 2011 and be safe. Nothing. Your fathers and your fathers' fathers suffered the wars and the conquering on this continent, on other continents, and the hatred of man to man was just as great as it always had been. There were no signs it would ever get any better. Yet you came in anyway, because there was the potential of what indeed has now taken place.
In 1987, a Harmonic Convergence literally pushed consciousness into a place you didn't expect... then, everything changed. Even before that, things were getting ready to change. But not when you were born. And so not only do I look at old souls in the room, but I'm also talking to many of them as they hear this with their ears later in your time and read this later in your time. I'm talking to courageous old souls. For the idea of a confrontation, an Armageddon, a nuclear war was upon you and you knew it when you agreed to come. I've reviewed this so many times. Then the Soviet Union fell over by itself. And then, and then - so many things that you didn't expect.

Gaia and the Rumors of Old
Here's where you stand today. Let us talk about Gaia first, and if we're going to talk about Gaia, we have to talk about the conspiracies. So we talk now about those things not necessarily believed by the old souls in this room, but some of those who are going to listen and going to read. There is talk that all these changes on the planet are getting ready for something horrible, and that many have talked about it and some have even prophesied and channelled it: The earth is going to stop its rotation for three days and then start up again. Ah, some say that the earth will turn over, that the south will become the north and the north will become the south. And then there are others that say, "Even before this happens, there are going to be ships that you call from space, to come and get you. Of course, not for all of you, just some of you."
So let's discuss this, and put it away once and for all. It's time for spiritual responsibility. You can believe these things if you wish because maybe they were channelled and maybe they sounded good to you at the time. But let us talk about the reality of these things. First prophecy: If the earth turned over, everyone's dead. The oceans fly off into space, all life ceases to exist, and the planet becomes a hot rock. How do you like it so far? Second prophecy: The earth stops rotating for three days. Now, at the equator, you are travelling approximately 1,000 miles an hour. Everything stops. Again, if it suddenly stops, everything flies off into space, including the oceans and atmosphere, and all life is terminated. By the way, it doesn't matter when it starts turning again, everybody's gone. So the three-day start again is moot. How does that sound so far?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vastu Shastra - More about North East Corner

Vastu Shastra is an ancient practice dating back to thousands of years and widely practiced in India.
It is difficult to find a matching word in English for Vastu Shastra. Vastu can be translated as "Space" and Shastra means "Science".

It is very near to Chinese Feng Shui in as far as purpose is concerned. It is a study of space inside our homes, offices, godowns etc.

I will not go in detail in description of Vastu shastra, but will share my observations of different Vastu fields which I have been observing since 1994.

The Most basic tenet of this science is that the space, whether house or office, should be either square or rectangle. There can be different shapes, e.g. triangle or circle. Both these shapes do not signify a balanced and harmonious mind, i.e. the occupants of the space which is triangle or circular will face immense difficulties in experiencing harmonious life.

There are other minor deviations from square or rectangle shapes. If a space has all the four corners intact, then it is said to be well.

Today I will speak of only NE corner damaged (North East Corner). If the space inside the home corresponding with North East side of the earth is absent in our house, refered as North East Cut, this is said to be a sick dwelling. In my observation of hundreds of such spaces, I have found a common symptom among the occupants of such dwellings.

Without exception, I have seen children of families living in such houses (North East Cut) as most affected. If the area of cut is more than One fourth of the total floor area, then at least one child of the family will be abnormal. If the size of the cut area is smaller than one fourth of the total area, then children will be living away from home for various reasons , either for earning, studies or some other reason.
Also, the elder members of the family will suffer from some or other chronic diseases, and the effect on the elder members will set in after several years after moving in such a house.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vaastu Shastra - Understanding Energy Flow in Our Dwelling

       Using Vaastu Shastra principles is a great technique to understand, observe and decode the present events happening in one's life. Making corrections in the areas where we spend our whole life (home, office etc ) results in better energy flow and healing can be achieved.
       The most important area in our home/office is the  North East Corner. If NE Corner is absent ( generally referred to as North East Cut) , this shows that occupants of that house are not tuned well to their inner child (emotional self). Children in such families  will be living away from the family ( for various reasons e.g. for education or earning ), or children will not enjoy a healthy relationship with parents and vice versa and in some cases, one or more child born in the family will be abnormal.
       The South East Corner , representing Fire element, if absent  in the house, signifies lack of Will power in the family members.At least some of the members will meet accidents ( road accidents or air accidents) in their life times.Also, the occupants will have a tendency of resisting any changes happening in their life and they will show a preference for continuing life same way, even if some changes are desired by them, they will lack the will power to accept and integrate with changes.
       If the South West Corner is not there in the home/office, earth element is missing and  occupants of the house  will lack pratical sense , the family members will live  more on the mental plane, and this will manifest as extraordinary debt  at some point of time.
       If the North West Corner is cut, this shows the air element missing . And this manifests in the life of occupants of such a house as a person drowning and gasping for breath, they will be like always gasping for fresh air, breathing space, many times searching for outer  things to find the inner space of mental clarity and confidence.
       If the center portion of the house is too clustered with objects, then the members of the house will not be able to experience peace, health . They will be too consumed by outer events and go about life thinking that when outer events change, they may find peace.
       A good Vaastu is where all corners are present , a square or rectangle shaped house is ideal and the central space of the house should be left empty, i.e. not clusterred with objects like tables, chairs or other objects.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


          As discussed in my earlier blog post "Feelings ... to Express or to Suppress?",  feelings are healthy if they are expressed, be it feeling of anger, fear, confusion, boredom, loneliness or sadness etc. But feelings  become negative and result in emotional blockages if they are not expressed and lived.
      If a person has a trait, a tendency, a habit of controlling and suppressing the feelings, then feelings become negative AND they are stored in the body tissues and such negative emotions cause many diseases such as depression, acidity, anxiety and so on. Also such emotional tendencies manifest as unexpected, forceful events like accidents, traumas etc. As per the famous book by Rhonda Byrnes - the secret - it is our energy field that attracts outer situations in our life. In other words, whatever energies We hold in our energy bodies, similar situations will be attracted in our lives.

       If We hold negative energies ( I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH, THIS IS A CRUEL WORLD, IT IS DIFFICULT TO MAKE MONEY HERE), such emotions and deep held thoughts will become self fulfilling prophecies. EXPRESSING the feelings, emotions or one’s deep thoughts will lead us to health and healing and therefore it is important to release and clear such emotional blockages.


      We attract similar energies, we are magnets and we keep on attracting whatever energies we carry in our bodies. Therefore, if there are energies of pain, suffering, rage, hatred etc in our bodies, we will ATTRACT situations in our life of similar quality.
       I have wondered over a long period of time, as to whether we allow different feelings to flow, i.e. whether we experience positive as well as negative feelings, with equal ease. And the result of my long observation and questioning more than 100 people over a period of several years has led me to believe that people often block some feelings, specially  feelings associated with pain, suffering, sadness, loss, heaviness, depression, anger etc. My observation tells me that some people go on suppressing such feelings. And as a result such feelings are stored in our bodies and we keep carrying  on such negative emotions  throughout Our lifetimes.
       When feelings are not allowed to flow, they become stored in our bodies and they become stagnant and they decay. Feelings when stored become negative and destructive and many a war have been fought on our planet and millions been killed. For example, anger, if not expressed, becomes rage. I believe all mental diseases, to some degree, originate due to the fact we cannot handle the emotions of pain, sadness, loneliness etc and try to suppress them instead of living them.
         Emotions, whether  painful or joyful, both  need to be expressed and lived for one to be perfectly healthy. 


      The above paragraphs clearly demonstrate the importance of flow in the feelings. And Prof James W Pennebaker, University of Texas at Austin, has done pioneering research in this field. In fact, since 1977, He has been undertaking research work in this field and his research clearly points out to above fact that feelings should be expressed for us to be healthy. In his now famous book titled “Opening Up – the healing power of expressing emotions “- he states:
"The main discoveries of this project indicate that actively holding back or inhibiting our thoughts and feelings can be hard work. Over time, the work of inhibition gradually undermines bodies defenses. Like other stressors, inhibition can affect immune function, the action of the heart and vascular systems, and even the biochemical workings of the brain and nervous systems. In short, excessive holding back of thoughts, feelings and behaviors can place people at risk for both major and minor diseases.
    While inhibition is potentiallyharmful,confronting our deepest thoughts and feelings can have remarkable short and long term health benefits. Confession, whether by writing or talking, can neutralize many of the problems of inhibition. Furthermore, writing or talking about upsetting things can influence our basic values, our daily thinking patterns, and our feelings about ourselves. In short, there appears to be something akin to an urge to confess.
     Not disclosing our thoughts and feelings can be unhealthy. Divulging them can be healthy."
          I will be discussing more about effects of emotions held, stored in our body tissues in next post.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

Around 5 years back I received a message in my mail box, from a email friend, advocating many benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide. I was perplexed and kept thinking that there could be some side effects of using the hydrogen peroxide for internal use.

Around six months later, while on the job, I received a minor cut on my index finger with some bruises and bleeding, I had the mail about hydrogen peroxide in my mind, and i knew from general knowledge that it is widely used for cuts and wounds. The company where I worked had the solution of hydrogen peroxide in their first aid box, I rushed to the first aid kit and applied H2O2 on the wound.

Still, I had doubts whether it will be safe to consume the H2O2 solution for internal use and I kept thinking that when I get time I should search for the information on above subject on the internet. A few months later I received another mail on the same topic, this time with an article by Dr David G. Williams
(http://educate-yourself.org/cancer/benefitsofhydrogenperozide17jul03.shtml). This article was from a qualified doctor and this gave me some confidence to try the idea for using the H2O2 after some more research on the net. I later spent some time on the net searching for the information about H2O2 and its uses, and to my surprise, I found that many people all over the world use this solution for various diseases and there are no known side effects if used as per the protocol as suggested by Dr David G.Williams.

I finally gathered courage to try this for myself and since more than two years I have been regularly taking the solution for common cold and cough and found this to be most effective and cheap therapy with no side effects.

The author of the book (quoted above ) has given a number of other diseases for which this can be used and I was surprised to find that many studies have been undertaken by medical professionals to find out effectiveness or side effects of the H2O2. IF you feel interested, search on the net , or go to the link below
to find out the dosage, strength and chemical composition and other details :

Click Here

Monday, May 2, 2011

FEELINGS ....to Express or Suppress ?

There are two types of people when talking of feelings, the first type of people are those who are perfectly aligned and tuned to their feelings.These type of people ride on the waves of emotions, they are of easy go lucky type, they enjoy the good parts of life and suffer when things go bad. These people flow with the feelings, they experience ALL the emotions and they do not resist any feelings, be the feelings of joy or of pain. They live both feelings, positive and negative, with equal ease.

Whereas the second type of people are disconnected from their emotional, female side. They are prone to using the left side of the brain, the logical, rational side in most of the situations. And they have a habit of controlling, resisting or suppressing their feelings. 

If too much analysis,negative thought patterns and blocking the feelings becomes a habit,then emotional blockages in the subconscious will be formed.

I have been watching both the types of people keenly, since years now.Both types of people will have some good things and some bad things happening in their life as a result of this particular trait. 

While it is not my purpose to label good or bad any one type of people, but if you belong to the second category of people, then there may be a need to watch this phenomena keenly and understand the process of How negative emotions form. And with time, this trait may become so ingrained in our psyche that layers upon layers of negative emotions will go on being formed and it will take lot of hard work to release and clear the emotional blockages. 

There are many ways that people will suppress their feelings , like by diverting the attention to some other subject, which is usually something about future.Or by trying to fix the problem by thinking about the solution.

What I have found after observation that suppression of feelings in some cases is a way of life and in such cases the person so indulging in suppression of emotions may create dummy feelings of ALL IS WELL.We create dummy feelings of wellness when We try to put up a false persona , a false facet full of smiles while on the inner level, there may not be a matching feeling supporting the statement " I AM ALRIGHT" or "EVERYTHING IS OKAY". Therefore it is much better to be truthful to oneself , because our inner  mind cannot be cheated.

And when feelings are suppressed, stored, and not lived, they go on gaining weight, they impact the nerves, and our energy goes on being wasted in suppressing them. One becomes numb or blind to the feelings, this is how many diseases such as joint pains,gangrine and many other diesases are formed in our body.And this creates a vicious circle and We go on attracting similar situations of ' I AM NOT WELL" ,repeatedly, life after life.

And when feelings are held in subconscious, they have more power over you and they cannot be disciplined, they will continously go on emitting the signals of disharmony all 24/7. Then people take to addictions of  smoking or alcohol to keep the feelings suppressed.
In the words of Cynthia Rose, the co-ordinator of a yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SpiritusAngelMessages/
"Feelings are like water. They should be allowed to flow, with an attitude of thanks to the feelings, allow them to surface, feel the pain, the heaviness or whatever sensation the feeling may have. This is the only way to release the feelings".

Feelings are not negative. All feelings, be it anger, anxiety, distress or others , are perfect tools designed to give experience of How we will feel if the thought held in the mind at the moment becomes our experience.

Feelings only become negative if they are suppressed and stored. As very clearly illustrated by Cynthia Rose in her group quoted above (I owe my awareness of this subject to her), in her numerous Moon Angel Messages (which I keep receiving in my mail box since more than six years now) : FEELINGS ARE MAGNETIC.

Whatever feelings are held in the subconscious, what we normally refer to as emotional blockages or negative feelings, go on attracting similar feelings and similar energy, similar situations, similar persons.Remember that feelings have tremendous power, more power than our conscious thoughts.

In her words, even incurable diseases can be cured by letting the stored feelings to surface. Welcome them, thank them, speak to them , and ask them to come up .Be grateful to the feelings , any type of feelings, and they will come up to be released, it is so simple.

Conscious acceptance of all of our moods, feeling states and being grateful to our negative feelings and letting the feelings flow by being with them is a good beginning in healing and becoming whole.

And if negative feelings will not go away even after such efforts, then there may be need for more hard work and there are indeed many methods available for releasing and cleaning the blockages. Some of them I will discuss in my future posts.