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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vaastu Shastra - Understanding Energy Flow in Our Dwelling

       Using Vaastu Shastra principles is a great technique to understand, observe and decode the present events happening in one's life. Making corrections in the areas where we spend our whole life (home, office etc ) results in better energy flow and healing can be achieved.
       The most important area in our home/office is the  North East Corner. If NE Corner is absent ( generally referred to as North East Cut) , this shows that occupants of that house are not tuned well to their inner child (emotional self). Children in such families  will be living away from the family ( for various reasons e.g. for education or earning ), or children will not enjoy a healthy relationship with parents and vice versa and in some cases, one or more child born in the family will be abnormal.
       The South East Corner , representing Fire element, if absent  in the house, signifies lack of Will power in the family members.At least some of the members will meet accidents ( road accidents or air accidents) in their life times.Also, the occupants will have a tendency of resisting any changes happening in their life and they will show a preference for continuing life same way, even if some changes are desired by them, they will lack the will power to accept and integrate with changes.
       If the South West Corner is not there in the home/office, earth element is missing and  occupants of the house  will lack pratical sense , the family members will live  more on the mental plane, and this will manifest as extraordinary debt  at some point of time.
       If the North West Corner is cut, this shows the air element missing . And this manifests in the life of occupants of such a house as a person drowning and gasping for breath, they will be like always gasping for fresh air, breathing space, many times searching for outer  things to find the inner space of mental clarity and confidence.
       If the center portion of the house is too clustered with objects, then the members of the house will not be able to experience peace, health . They will be too consumed by outer events and go about life thinking that when outer events change, they may find peace.
       A good Vaastu is where all corners are present , a square or rectangle shaped house is ideal and the central space of the house should be left empty, i.e. not clusterred with objects like tables, chairs or other objects.

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