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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is earth going to die in the year 2012?

For many years now I have listened to people telling other people that Earth is going to die in year 2012 and many similar doomsday stories and have appeared in scores of TV programmes about year 2012;
I came across an article which seems most logical and appealing to me and this writer , Lee Carol , is creator of the website
www.kryon.com which I have been reading since last 12 years and all the information in this website has given me tools of healing and harmony. I can vouch for the fact that his material is truly uplifting.

I am reproducing portions of the latest article below, if you want to read the article in full, then pls click :

Excerpts from the lastest article :

We speak of many subjects. But before we do, I am aware of the listener; I am aware of the reader; I am aware of the one in the chair right now. Aren't you glad you came? Can you feel the energy that pushes in this room to you and prepares you for a message that is beautiful, that congratulates you for one of the hardest things you ever did? For almost everyone in here is over 11. [Laughter] You had a choice. At the Wind of Birth [Kryon's name for when we are about to come into the planet], we looked at you and said, "The Armageddon looms. Take a look." There was nothing when you came into this planet that gave you any hope that you would sit in a chair in 2011 and be safe. Nothing. Your fathers and your fathers' fathers suffered the wars and the conquering on this continent, on other continents, and the hatred of man to man was just as great as it always had been. There were no signs it would ever get any better. Yet you came in anyway, because there was the potential of what indeed has now taken place.
In 1987, a Harmonic Convergence literally pushed consciousness into a place you didn't expect... then, everything changed. Even before that, things were getting ready to change. But not when you were born. And so not only do I look at old souls in the room, but I'm also talking to many of them as they hear this with their ears later in your time and read this later in your time. I'm talking to courageous old souls. For the idea of a confrontation, an Armageddon, a nuclear war was upon you and you knew it when you agreed to come. I've reviewed this so many times. Then the Soviet Union fell over by itself. And then, and then - so many things that you didn't expect.

Gaia and the Rumors of Old
Here's where you stand today. Let us talk about Gaia first, and if we're going to talk about Gaia, we have to talk about the conspiracies. So we talk now about those things not necessarily believed by the old souls in this room, but some of those who are going to listen and going to read. There is talk that all these changes on the planet are getting ready for something horrible, and that many have talked about it and some have even prophesied and channelled it: The earth is going to stop its rotation for three days and then start up again. Ah, some say that the earth will turn over, that the south will become the north and the north will become the south. And then there are others that say, "Even before this happens, there are going to be ships that you call from space, to come and get you. Of course, not for all of you, just some of you."
So let's discuss this, and put it away once and for all. It's time for spiritual responsibility. You can believe these things if you wish because maybe they were channelled and maybe they sounded good to you at the time. But let us talk about the reality of these things. First prophecy: If the earth turned over, everyone's dead. The oceans fly off into space, all life ceases to exist, and the planet becomes a hot rock. How do you like it so far? Second prophecy: The earth stops rotating for three days. Now, at the equator, you are travelling approximately 1,000 miles an hour. Everything stops. Again, if it suddenly stops, everything flies off into space, including the oceans and atmosphere, and all life is terminated. By the way, it doesn't matter when it starts turning again, everybody's gone. So the three-day start again is moot. How does that sound so far?

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