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Friday, September 23, 2016


Around 20 years back I came across an extraordinary book - Conversations with God By Neale Donald Walsch. I read it non-stop and have read it many times since then. The most extraordinary thing contained in the book is the theme of the book viz We are creators of our reality as opposed to victims, as I thought before reading the book.

It has taken me more than 20 years to live the book and to internalize the wisdom contained in the book.

Author Neale says that We are always creating our life and there is no God as thought by many of us who decides about matters of my life sitting in the sky.

Life is a process. Every act is an act of self definition. In every situation , be small or big, I am deciding Who I am .

To see for yourself, how this works, consider this. Throughout our life, You are giving answers by your actions ( this is the process ) to questions like :
Do you think you are a person of patience, compassion? Do you think you are a person who easily becomes impatient, and then snaps at others?
Do you think you are a warm and humorous and loving person?

Do you think you are who you were yesterday, or who you choose to
be right now? Do you think you are a product of your ideas, or of the ideas of
others? Do you think you are doomed to repeat old behaviors, or designed to
create new ones?

Who do you think you are?

Are you a person who becomes annoyed easily, or are you easy-going?
Are you a person who laughs easily and lustily, or who grins quietly and
holds most of the joy in? Are you a person of quick generosity, who does not
think twice about giving away money, allowing the use of your possessions,
and extending your home and your time and your love to others, or are you a
person who is a bit more circumspect, a bit more cautious, in these matters?

Most people allow the experiences of their life (past) to decide who they are. But if We choose what We want to choose and come from this space of choice in our life, then every act becomes an act of self definition.

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