Abraham-Hicks Daily Quotes

Sunday, September 25, 2016


When depressed, be depressed.
Simply be depressed.
Don′t get depressed
about your depression.
Don′t fight it, don′t create
any diversion, don′t force it to go.
Just allow it to happen;
it will go by itself..!!
Ego is surrounded with depression,
with anxiety, with anguish,
with all kinds of sick ideas.
Depression needs a non-accepting mind!
“This is not good, that is not good;
this should not be, that should not be;
this must not be like this.
“Everything is denied, rejected —
not accepted.. “No” is basic.
Even happiness will be
rejected by such a mind....
Such a mind will find something
to reject in happiness also.
You are depressed, so remain
with it.Wait and watch.
You cannot be depressed for long
because in this world nothing is permanent.
This world is a fluxJust watch,
remain with it and don’t do anything.
This is how transformation
happens through non-doing.
This is what is meant by “effortless effort.”
Feel depression, taste it deeply, live it!
Then suddenly you will feel
it has disappeared because the man
who can accept even depression
cannot be depressed...!!
A man, a mind,
who can accept even depression
cannot remain depressed..!*

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