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Monday, January 5, 2015

Positive News

On 29​th Dec 2015 evening I noticed a bird on the tree opposite my house. It was trying hard to break free from the kite string and could not fly. Neighbours told me that it was entangled in the string (manja) there on the tree since 3 days.  

Now it was enough to make us launch a rescue operation. We tried to reach it with help of table and bamboo sticks but could not. We gave up, there was no way to reach this bird as it was 30 feet from ground. We all went our ways, praying to God to help the bird. I went back to my shop and started searching for somebody who will climb the tree and rescue the lovely black & white bird.
It was past 6.30 and it was getting dark and chances of rescue seemed very difficult.
​To my surprise, there was a customer at my shop who is known in the town as snake friend.It was as if our prayers had been heard.This customer Mr Faraz , an 18 year boy, has helped many of us in the past in capturing snakes from our homes. I asked him if He could help and He was eager to help. He immediately called his friend Mr Ashok Gupta and at 7 in the evening they
collected items required for rescue viz rope, torch , stick for the rescue operation.

Mr Faraz climbed a nearby tree. The tree that bird was entangled on was a thorny one. Finally , after two and half hours of filmy style climb, risking his life in the stunt, He managed to reach the bird and with help of a dupatta and a rope the bird was lowered from 30 feet height and the rescue was successful.

The bird is in a injured state and cannot fly. Mr Faraz was gracious to offer his assistance in taking care of injured bird for a fee days, the bird is now in his care at his home. Mr Faraz is a resident of Indrayani society   near SBI , Devlali and can be contacted at 
​his cell No; 9049264148.

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