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Sunday, November 20, 2016


I have been giving Reiki Sessions to my friends,clients since 21 years. And during these sessions, there is one phenomena which has caught my attention. It is EMOTIONAL BLINDNESS. I believe many of us suffer from Emotional Blindness to some extent.
Emotional Blindness is turning a blind eye ( avoiding, neglecting, running away) to our emotions. I have seen in some people this has become their habit, this has become their second nature. There are many reasons for this trait. One of the main reasons is our up bringing, we have been taught by our parents, society et al since childhood that to cry is unmanly. We have been taught NOT to cry, not to express emotions of weakness. And the result of this upbringing is suppression of feelings.
Another bigger reason of Emotional blindness is Our Mind. We try to analyse the emotion, instead of living the emotion. Analysis of our emotions will lead us no where. Mind can create a dummy solution to feelings of pain. This should be avoided. 
 This often leads to addiction, increased, unnecessary mental activity, diseases and many more complexities. Also, persons with this syndrome exhibit a crooked behaviour. They have good intentions, but will go out of way , to the extent of being crooked, to achieve their goals. 
This syndrome is deadlier than a disease and gives rise to many diseases like epilepsy, depression, paralysis etc. The pattern gets embedded in the psyche and slowly it becomes part of the DNA. 
To heal this pattern, it is necessary to have the awareness that One is suffering from Emotional blindness. It can be easily healed. All that is required is to admit it, accept it and then let the emotion run its course by not opposing it. People generally oppose the negative emotions by reasoning, judgements or analysis. Emotions, to be healed, need to be experienced. If denied, they gain strength and have a hidden power over our psyche.

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