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Sunday, October 2, 2016


Since childhood I have been fascinated about the mechanism called MIND.

It is said that Mind is like a faithful servant if used well and It is also a Devil if allowed to become a Master.

For years my reality was that I was lost in the maze of thoughts. I knew by my experience that Mind is a thought creating machine. All the waking hours it goes on creating all kind of thoughts. Researches show that on an average We are visited by thousands of thoughts every day.

It was in June 1991 that I attended a Meditation camp organised by Osho lovers at Nasik. Two hours spent at this Meditation camp at Someshwar temple premises gave me an insight that has helped me throughout my life.It was kundalini meditation and I learnt that traffic of thoughts had slowed down during meditation and I was feeling better.

I was drawn to Osho meditation camps and attended many such camps over next five years in Devlali, Nasik, Saputara and Pune. Osho has always said that mind is a disease and NO Mind is a blessing. It took me many years to understand this.
I learnt that thoughts are simply thoughts. Some thoughts We do not remember. Some thoughts keep lingering on. Some thoughts We oppose and some We propose.

In the words of Gloria Wendroff, author of website www.heavenletters.org -
"Thoughts occupy you. Thoughts leave you. Thoughts fly out the window, and thoughts fly in and do not stay, or thoughts won't leave.
If thoughts are electrical charges, thoughts may blink on and off. It seems that all of your life you are pursued by thoughts, that thoughts are your life, and thoughts are ongoing and unstoppable.
You may lose a thought that was like a jewel in your hand while your mind keeps popping up with other thoughts. Some thoughts you welcome. Some thoughts, you do not welcome."

This spell did not last long. I learnt to slow down the flow of thoughts, but some thoughts haunted me. I was like a slave to some thoughts, no matter how hard I tried, I always lost. The thought I thought was dreadul would not go away. I did not want to hold to this thought, I wanted to change my reality, to move on, to forget this one. But it did not work.
Then, in the year 1996, I came across a book - "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch. There I read right from the source (God) - "What you resist, persists."Wow, I had made biggest discovery of my life again. I had learnt to let go of the thought by a reverse process, that is " Not to resist". Even if a thought seems horrible, dreadful or dangerous, DO NOT RESIST. Because what we give attention to comes alive. 
 The secret I learnt was; If you oppose a thought, it will not go away.
The trick I learnt is to ALLOW. Allow the dreadful thought.

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