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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Dear You

I see you in the garden,
Head in hands.Why so glum?
Why so miserable in paradise.
I watched you as you left the garden.
You came with your wish list to whisper to the stars.
Your soul was on fire.
“THIS TIME ”You said,
“This time,I want results”.
You fell asleep.THE stars twinkled

You dreamed that you were in a garden.
You dreamed that you had a wish list
You dreamed you had all the answers
You dreamed you knew
That there was a real truth
You dreamed that the answers were written across the sky
Clear for all to see.
You dreamed that you looked at the stars
You dreamed that you said, “What’s the point”
You dreamed that you threw the crumpled wish list in the gutter
And left the garden, dejected.

I have here in my hand that wish list.
Awake my friend.

Wishes are ALWAYS Granted..
Really all your wishes add up to one ..
And here I quote you

“To make sense of this place
What is this life about? What is the plan?
Is there even a plan..If so who or what is
The brains behind it all?”

You are on the most fantastic journey
And don’t even know it…yet…Really
One wish Answers all of that.
YES YES is the answer.
YES There IS magic
YES Money DOES Grow on trees
YES There IS A pot of gold
Not only at the end But ALL along the rainbow
YES There is A super being
A Santa Claus Good faery Guardian Angel

Think about it

How can you imagine What CANNOT exist?
-IMAGINATION - Is key to creation.
TO IMAGINE Effectively,

To create is to give life.


I  received the above article from an unknown author, and immediately saved it to my PC. Reading this article changed my outlook toward life and creation of my desired life situations became easy and fun. I am thankful to whoever wrote this beautiful prose and am debted to that person.
I hope you will also benefit from readint this, although I have not posted the entire article , as I donot have permission from the author.

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